Tinos Island

Tinos: the handmade island

Welcome to Tinos, the raw island were a more authentic Greece can be found! The handmade island which is located in the northern part of Cyclades, just half an hour from Mykonos and two and a half hours from Santorini.

Tinos is an island whose powers of seduction are not immediately apparent, but venture beyond and you will soon fall under its spell. The mountains here are steep, the distances between villages on the tortuous roads are vast, and nature has largely been left to its own devices. All this gives the island a wild, untamed, uninhabited feel, not least because of the morning cloud cover, even in the summer, and the violent meltemi winds that batter the shore. While the landscape is heart-stopping in its beauty, the villages enchanting and the beaches lovely, Tinos is not an island for people wanting to rub shoulders with flashy yachters or dance at an all-night beach rave.

Perhaps this is why the island attracts sophisticated Athenians looking for tranquility and seclusion, as well as an increasing number of French citizens, many of whom are buying up old homes in the villages.

Tinos’s beaches are more expansive than Santorini’s, and under the blazing sun, the turquoise sea is calm. And as night falls, the sunset from one of Tinos’s mountainside villages is about as breathtaking as a sunset on Santorini — minus the hordes.

getting here

Ferries from the port of Rafina, a 30-minute drive from Athens airport, take between two hours and 3 hours 40 minutes.

Ferries from the port of Mykonos take around 30 minutes.

Unless you stay in Tinos Town (the "Chora"), a car is essential if you want to explore the island. There are several car rental offices near the port but you can get in touch with us to give you the best price and organize your arrival with the best possible way.

useful phones

HEALTH CENTRE +30 2283360000 -or- 166
PORT STATION +30 2283022348
POLICE STATION +30 2283022100 -or- 100
FIRE STATION +30 2283023129 -or- 199
TAXI STATION +30 2283022470
BUS STATION +30 2283022440